Comcast a no show, me here with the sound of the crickets.

I pay my bill on time.
I keep my PC maintained.
I make sure the PC is not filled with malware, that its clean and ready to run.

Frankly, that should make me one of Comcast’s favorite customers. But I am not.
They lied to me today. They said they would send yet another technician between 8-5. He was a no-show. When I called not to happy about it, they hung up on me.
What the heck am I paying for?

Here is what ELSE I get for my $105 a month. Technicians who are obviously unqualified. What am I basing my judgement on? My knowledge of everything that has to go right from the Cable company to the miles that it takes to reach my computer? No. I am basing it on the fact that since OCTOBER 2004, I’ve had CRAPPY intermittantly connected cable and with the few dozen visits to my HOME it is not yet FIXED.

What else am I basing their lack of qualifications on? Well, besides not actually fixing the problem, they show up and rather unprofessional like, complain about the guys that were here first. Or the people that I spoke to on the phone making the appointment for them go come here. Every tech that has EVER showed up at my house, has unprofessionally blamed someone ELSE for things not working properly. Also, invariably, everytime they knock at my door, they take deep breaths like they are in a hurry, and they are sure to inform me, that they have 10 jobs to do after me which lets me know ahead of time, its about quantity, not quality. As they banter between themselves, I hear how more important it is what they are doing ‘tonight’ than anything they is related to MY connection.

The final straw came two technicians ago. Every time his partner would reboot the modem, he turned off and on my external. EXCUSE ME? I told him, that has nothing to do with my connection, leave it ALONE. He decided to argue it. My external hard drive has CRAP to do with the connection, I asked him nicely to STOP, and he refused. I swear, I think he was sure he was rebooting the modem, when in fact it was my external hard drive.

Today was pitiful though, a few dozen techs out here since October, still NO chance of improvement, with each visit the situation gets WORSE, and they had to LIE about coming. Even if then didn’t mean to lie, we had an appointment, they didn’t show, nor did they care. When I called upset, they said I shouldn’t be upset. I told them, "Would you be upset if I didn’t keep my part, dear? If I didn’t pay my bill??" She agreed they would be upset. So I told HER, they are not keeping THEIR PART, and *I* am DEFINATELY UPSET.

I work on the net, I need the net, and my productivity is near nothing. I have spent out a lot of money extra to be able to connect with clients using long distance, and indeed that hurts the wallet after awhile.

With all this, naturally I have looked into alternatives. Particularly, Fiber Optics, only to learn their 15MB download speed is not yet in my area. (I will definately keep checking!), I just don’t know how long I can keep paying money to be insulted.

Has anyone in my vicinity seen the MANY COMCAST commercials and their claims of speed and service? We are bombarded with them on the television practically on the hour, no matter which channel we watch. Their claims are bogus I tell you. Take it from me, one who knows…me and the chirping crickets still waiting their arrival.

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  1. NightOwl says:

    I’m thinking that one of the great things about the capitalistic society in which
    we live is that generally speaking, competition forces a business to maintain a
    quality product or service at a reasonable price. Failing to do so will usually
    result in the said business failing and being replaced by something better and more
    efficient. Apparently Xerraire, you have found the exception to this rule!

    Isn’t it a horrible feeling as a consumer to be to the point at which you are with
    Comcast and not have any viable alternatives? It’s like you long to pick up the phone
    and cancel your service… explaining to them how you will now be suscribing to
    their competition due to their lack of action. However, you can’t because your only
    other option is to go back to a regular modem connection. Very sad huh?

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