U.S. Congress Votes Database

For those of us who do not have the time to watch C-Span all day, there is no longer any excuse not to be informed on what is being voted on, and how, and by whom.

Now, one can actually find out what our Congress is doing for, against, or to you, with this deep political resource from The Washington Post.

Here one can see the outcome of the latest bills, how each Senators and House members vote, and you can even see which of them MISSED the most votes ( Jon Corzine, Democrat from New Jersey). It also lists those curious late night votes, you know, the ones that take place between midnight and 7 a.m. ?? Oh yes, while we are safely tucked in our beds at night, our Congress is busy busy busy.

So take advantage of this site. After all, the internet to me is about INFORMATION, and it’s my belief that we can make this information work for us, the people, if we have a mind to. The Web and democracy go together if only we use it – or until Big Brother censors it.

U.S. Congress Votes Database

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