My love of music must just shine through. So many times I have been sent music from friends from all over the world. Marta and Pepe, who work at Universal Music always kept me in a big supply of music. Then a fellow I hardly know from Spain, who found out I didn’t have a lot of Dire Straits CD’s, send me a huge package full of Dire Straits. Countless others have sent me music for my enjoyment, and wishing to help me expand my library.

But this is the first time I received music from the band themselves! I saw the Muleman live some years back, and they were really impressive. I hung around after the show and they let me take photos during and after.

I first heard them play when going out to dinner, and they were upstairs of the restaurant. I just had to ask when I left who was that amazing sounding band…they told me,”Why that’s the Muleman!”. After that, I investigated, found their site, and their list of Club Dates, wasn’t too far after that, I contacted them, and was off to see them in Catonsville. They were expecting me and dedicated a song to me.

What a wonderful present to see 2 CD’s from one of my favorite bands, MULEMAN.
Muleman CD Working Class Blues

I bought their first CD and loved it, but didn’t have this next one, or the one made for Children.

MULEMAN plays “Happy Blues”, they also cover Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King with their own special style.

I like the Muleman’s style! Thanks Muleman for the CD’s!

If you live in Maryland, and like “southern fried Rhythm and Blues” and good live bands, then check out the MULEMAN!

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