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One of the reasons I needed to upgrade this blog was to be able to implement some really needed plug-ins. One of the most needed was to stop the literal THOUSANDS of SPAM that was coming to this blog in a day. There didn’t seem to be any complete way to stop it with the old version of Word Press.

To stop the problem I found the “Did You Pass Math” Anti spam plug in by Steven at Herod.net So now when anyone wants to leave a comment, I am sorry, but you have to do a little math problem in one of the fields. I hope everyone understands, this has essentially returned my blog back to the FUN it once was, instead of many work hours deleting SPAM.

Next, since Bloglet stopped working, I got the Email Notification plug in by Brian Groce. It’s running a blog behind, go figure that, but its running better than that silly Bloglet.

Next, I already had in my old version of Word Press, but definately worth a mention here, is the “TarPit” plug in for trackback spam.

Likely I will be adding other fun and nifty plug-ins, so stay tuned!

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