Early Birthday Present: Dolphin

Mom came in my room with a big package from down under which had been left at the front doorstep. Inside amidst lollies and whole wheat crackers that Laura especially loves, was a small box for a little something for me for my birthday, which isn’t until May 11th. Inside the little box was a pendant with a heart and a little adorable dolphin.

dolphin necklace

Xerraire and the dolphin necklace


Thank you John. 🙂 I love it.



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  1. Lisa says:

    It’s beautiful!!! I have to work from 7am tomorrow till sometime early evening, but, i’m coming over to see this in person, (its beautiful John, way to go matey!!)
    and thanks for putting a smile on her face, i thought there was a glow coming from somewhere in that direction!!

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