Top Keyphrase search: Diesel Secret Energy

Being a stats nut, when I learned that my host at PowWeb had free stats, I opted to run them and see what they were like. Now active for a full month in April, I decided to see which was the top keyphrase search for the whole of It should come as no surprise I suppose; Diesel Secret Energy. With the headlines talking of little else but bad news regarding the price of oil, and our hurting wallets at the gas pump, I am not surprised that there is a newfound interest in alternative gasoline ideas.

No doubt the search engines are leading these people to my past blog on this idea of Diesel secret energy – in fact, it comes up #1 on the google search engine. Where this blog isn’t totally a forum, people are making comments asking questions and some providing answers, there are boards ou there with people talking back and forth and finding out what works and what doesn’t work for them.

I wish I had more answers for people finding the blog.

I seem to only  have more questions. Like, how come I feel these high prices really hurting me, my way of living, and limiting my travels, and the financial programs are saying how GOOD this is for the economy. I hear their reasons, yet its hard to comprehend, and it hurts to tell the children, “We can’t go to that function, we can’t afford to get there.”


Some other top search keyphrases for

gilmore girl quotes (really shows the popularity of this program)
terragen 2
top songs of 2005
bowling nicknames
maryland flag
Lost season 2
Bill Cosby, Noah
Iron and Wine such great heights
blog countdowns
christian siners with hypothyroidism

Go figure those. 🙂

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