Barb’s Family Tree

I took advantage of this little graphic that came my way via a graphic’s yahoo group, and decided to fill in my family tree.

Years ago in High School we had to do a family tree project, and I worked so long and hard on it. I remember hours at my grandmom’s dining room table telling me stories of her brothers, sisters, mom and dad in the mountains of West Virginia. I remember going to my Great Aunt Jesse, and her filling in the blanks for the Fletcher Family. I also remember asking my Grandmom Edna all about my dear Grandad’s family, as he was no longer with us. Most memorable was talking to my mom and dad, asking them for information, and all the stories and smiles and memories that went along with that.

So here, I present, the Bosley – Fletcher family tree.

Susie Buckwalter, a grandmom  never knew. She died early when my own mom was young.

Susie and Walter Fletcher.

Raymond and Edna Bosley (Grandad and Edna)

Ethel Boyce (Grandmom) with Linda.

342x150 Beach Chair

3 thoughts on “Barb’s Family Tree

  1. Wonderful pictures Barb. I would imagine you are now so grateful that you were given that school project!

    I think it’s lovely you still have all these old photo’s and memories to look back at and to pass on to the next generation.

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