Scrabble for One

As soon as I could spell, my mom brought out the scrabble board and taught me to play one of her favorite games.

Today I found a site that let’s one play a sort of Scrabble Solitaire.


My first game:




Wanna play?
Try it here!




Oh no! I am hooked!
Second one!



Started out with a seven letter word on this one!

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46 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    I love Scrabble! I’ll check out this site.

  2. This is a better site I feel for solitaire scrabble:

    Scrabulous Solitaire Scrabble.

  3. Candy says:

    Oh No!!! I’m hooked! Love scrabble and can’t find a decent solitaire sight to feed the addiction when my friends are unavailable to play. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Terri says:


  5. DONATO AIUPPA says:


    I too am a scrabbleaholic. I drift in and out of the urge to play in my lifetime. Now that I found your site, playing is fun and easier. I thank you for that.

    Here’s what I want to tell you most-

    For the 4th time in my life, I have hit 1000 or more points in solitaire scrabble. (I’m sure I’ve played well over a thousand games in my life). I just scored exactly 1000 on your site a few minutes ago. I was so happy I printed it out and framed it. I also saved it in case proof is required online.

    Thanks again.

    Sincerely, Donato Aiuppa, (Don)

  6. Donato Aiuppa says:

    Just wanted to add another note to the one I posted recently proclaiming a 1k score. Just 3 days later, I recorded my highest score ever, 1031. I kept a copy for proof.

    Thanks again scrabble sight, I’m enjoying it!

  7. donato says:

    I just scored my highest solitaire scrabble score of my life, this day, 7/30/09. 1066! I can’t imagine ever beating that, but you know I will try.

    Do well scrabble hounds!


  8. don aiuppa says:

    Just so you all know, if anyone is out there observing this, I have reached new highs with this scrabble program. I have reached 1138, 1174, and 1197 in points. These marks shatter my old marks trying to reach 1000. I am able to do it by building the words “Quixotic, or Quizzical”. One must do so by prebuilding them on a border between two triple word scores, and then completing them by saving up the necessary letters and then filling in the blanks. It’s not easy though. There must be a good flow to the game, otherwise it backfires and you end up with mediocre scores. Just for the record, Quixotic on two triple word scores is about 352 points, give or take a few . Quizzical is worth 392, + or -. Not bad for just one word huh. My new goal is to break 1200. Wish me luck! I’ll report in if I ever do it. Donato

  9. donato aiuppa says:

    I have done it!! Today I reached 1265 points in a round that had tremendous flow to it, and of course, included the word quixotic for 349 points. Man, what a rush!!

  10. DONATO AIUPPA says:

    WOW! I did it, and the very next day too. I do have printed record of this too. I hit 1288 points. I guess the next step is 1300.

  11. donato aiuppa says:

    I reached the 1300 level with a 1326 on 9/2/09. That may be the sky for me. I’ll let you know otherwise.


  12. donato aiuppa says:

    I reached 1326 today, (9/2/09). That may be the sky for me. I’ll keep you posted if I ever top that.


  13. DONATO AIUPPA says:

    Gotta tell yas, I just reached 1588 points in one game by using (3) triple word scores in one word, which was worth 833 points. The word was “demographically”. I had to build into the word five times to use up 8 letters. Then I used all 7 letters at once to fill in the blanks and create the word across the three triple word spots. ‘never thought I’d do it. I guess the next goal will be 1600.

  14. DON AIUPPA says:

    Well I’ve been busy lately. I’ve piled up scores of 1702, 1721, and just today, 1773. The later came with two high scoring words, weatherizations, and quixotic. ( 887 and 329 respectively). I’m not sure 2000 is possible, but I guess that’s what I’ll be aiming for next.

  15. DONATO AIUPPA says:

    I reached 1807 yesterday. I tried to top it twice, but failed both times. It’s got to be at least two great words, and then great flow to go with it. The flow was not there on the last two attempts. I will try to summon it this morning.

  16. Steve Fox says:

    Being 0-25 at scrabble maybe I can finally win a game verse myself.


  17. DONATO AIUPPAS says:

    I did it!. I finally reached the 2000 mark, and then some. I scored 2152 points using “juxtapositional and governmentalize”. One across the top and one across the bottom. Those two words were worth a total of 1700+ by themselves. It took me 4 tries to do it, but I now believe it, it can be done.

  18. donato aiuppa says:

    Wow what a rush. 2249 points at exactly 1249 pm, Alaska time, using the words “quadruplicating, and governmentalize”, on this day 11-17-09. I can only describe it as euphoric when the second 15 letter word goes on the board. The “flow” in this round was probably the best I’ve ever felt. I guess I’m saying this to no one but God. Thanks God! What a trip. Happy Scrabble to all.

  19. DON AIUPPA says:

    Just hit 2272 last night, using “juxtapositional and weatherization” I’m not sure if I’ll ever reach 2300, but you know I’ll try.

  20. Don Aiuppa says:

    Well the seemingly impossible has occurred. I hit 2536 yesterday, using the words, ” psychosexuality and hystorectomized”. How’s that for an unusual combination. The flow was excellent again. When I laid down the final 7 letters of psychosexuality, I got 1101 points for it, all resultant word combos included. That is also a personal best for me for one word. I would call my next goal 2600, but I think if I could score 2536 again, that would be a real treat.

    Scrabble on !

  21. DONATO AIUPPA says:

    Since my last post, I have reached 2610, 2616, and just yesterday I hit 2665. The last was with “subcategorizing, and anthropomorphic”. I’ve been searching the dictionary for high scoring words. It’s getting to be kind of slim pickin’s. Great scrabble to all.

  22. Donato Aiuppa says:

    I don’t know what happened to my last post, but in it, I let you all know that I hit 2610, 2616, and 2665, with 1252 as my own personal best for points for 1 word.

  23. Don Aiuppa says:

    ‘Have reached 2773. Sigh.

  24. DONATO AIUPPA says:

    AH YESSSS, 2841, using the words “resystematizing, and microtechniques”. I never thought it possible to hit 3K. But maybe it is.

  25. Mia says:

    My family’s never really gotten into scrabble so I am terrible at it. But we love boggle.

  26. DONATO AIUPPA says:

    2845 now, What’s Boggle?

  27. DONATO says:

    You may be thinking to yourself, will this Don guy ever reach 3000 points in one round of Barb’s Blog solitaire Scrabble??
    And the answer is, yessssss! 3153 points, using the words ” OXYPHENBUTAZONE and MICROTECHNIQUES”, achieved on 12/14/09. Oh baby!

  28. DONATO says:

    I DID IT! 3212, and it came right down to the last move, (again). I’m still searching for the right word to go with oxyphenbutazone, in order to beat this latest score. I’m running out of dictionary fast. Boy, what a rush though!!

  29. donato says:

    Well it’s been a while since I scored the 3212. Since then, (and about 15 attempts later), I’ve managed to score a 3227, and more recently, a 3249. I have searched high and low and cannot find 15 letter words worth more than what I used to achieve the 3200+ scores. So now, the technical merit is over and it’s just a matter of superior” flow”. 3300 may be possible, but it’s gonna take a heck of a round to do it. Best to all you scrabble players out there. Do well.

  30. DONATO says:

    It’s been a while now, but I finally reached 3300+. The flow was excellent yesterday and I reached 3314 using the usual High end words, oxyphenbutazone and microtechniques. In addition, I started and ended the game with 7 letter words. Those were good for an extra 140 or so, which is what pushed me over the top. Happy scrabblin’ to ya’s.

  31. Daniel says:

    If you need some help with scrabble solitaire, a website like can be useful to help you improve your game

  32. donato says:

    Finally, after about 3 months of trying about once every other day, I beat 3314. 3348 is the new high score for me. The two biggies of course, and two other 7 letter words. Excellent flow and good vibes. ‘Could be years before I beat the 3348, but you know I’ll try. 3400??

  33. DONATO says:

    Well here I am, 4 months and a day since my last entry. It took me that long to finally beat the 3348 of 6/10. Most unusual way of achieving it too. I scored a 3364, followed by a 3362 just hours later. When it rains it pours?? Yup, I guess so.
    Happy scrabblin’ to yas. (Is there anyone out there who even sees this besides me?

    Have fun in Australia Barb.

  34. DONATO says:

    It is 10/10/10 and I have just scored 3386. I think 3400 may be possible. or is it a reality that is just a matter of time until I find it? God bless all.

  35. I had a great time in Australia
    Thank you!

    I don’t know what to add to your scores except my best is like 700 and something so far.

  36. DONATO says:

    Ah ha! So someone does actually read these postings. Australia has always been a place I’d like to see. I’m not sure I ever will at this point in my life.

    I have heard that those who want to go there and are not from there, are quite possibly children of the blue light. (Children of the blue light have supposedly been sent here to help us all love one another better and maybe help to right the world’s wrongs). Anyway, as the data from ESP and futurist, Micheal Scanlon relates, this is one of the signs to look for in a child of the blue light.

    How long have you desired to see Australia before you actually went there? I’ve wanted to go there all my life. The Crockodile Dundee flicks were helpful.

    I reside in Alaska myself.

    So there you have it, actual communication, from a guy who does not subscribe to all that he sees on the net.

    G’day Mate.


  37. DONATO AIUPPA says:

    Greetings, it is now 1/21/11 and I have reached 3396 just a few days ago. ‘Still tryin’ for 3400. After so many attempts in the last 3 months, I now believe it is possible to reach 3500 in this format. All must be well to do it though. My pile of 3300 + printouts is growing.

  38. Jack says:

    I just scored 702. I can’t imagine ever beating it.

  39. donato aiuppa says:

    Well I finally reached 3400 points a while back. My actual high score is now 3408. It doesn’t happen too often. The letters have to come up near perfect and the flow of the game must also be near perfect.

    A message to Jack in the 3/3/12 comment. It can be done. I’ll be glad to show you how if you are ever interested in knowing the secrets of it.


  40. lisa says:

    i love this game, but i believe the repertoire of words needs to be updated. many of the words i place on the board are in the dictionary, but the game will not accept them (very frustrating when this happens.) expanding the word options to be more accurate/current/comprehensive would make the game even more interesting, don’t you think?

  41. Patrick Bouge says:

    Do you often use website like in order to find the best words ? I have the feeling that so many people use things like this.

  42. donato aiuppa says:

    This is 8/8/13 and I have reached the 3452 mark recently. 3500 would be a new level of the perfect game. I’m not there yet, although I do try on the average of about 4 times per week.

    To Patrick, (or anyone else who is seriously interested), actually in solitare scrabble, the trick is to create words that can be stretched into bigger words as you play, thus recording the scores for words several times. Example: ai, ail, tail, tailed, retailed. etc.

    This means you really don’t have to find all big or rare words, but rather to extract most points from the words you do use, and that holds true for both up & down words, and side to side words, being made in the same move .

    Also, read my post from 3/2/2010, that should get you in the right direction. I took the time to look up and learn all the 15 letter words in the dictionary. I used them all and found the combination of only 2 of them to be sufficient to reach the 3400+ level.

    If a 15 letter word is formed across the top or bottom, it will include 3 triple word scores, which will give you a few 1200-1500 point words. The way to do this is to build into those two words before completing the last seven letters of the word, thus giving you the high scoring word plus use of all 7 letters, which is good for another 50 to boot.

    Reaching 3400 plus will require the first word of the game to start with the letter J and be 7 letters long. If you cannot get this to happen, quit and begin again until you succeed. It’s sort of like pre-qualifying.

    The (2) recommended 15 letter words across the top and bottom rows are mandatory. In addition, another (2) seven letter words, (besides the opening J word), must take place.

    It’s not easy, but it is possible, and it will take all 100 tiles and every move in the game to pull it off. Quite often, the last few moves of the game include the final completion of the (2) 15 letter words.

    Good luck, have fun, and a special thank you to the creator of this version of solitare scrabble. It’s a hoot!


  43. david is bazingas says:

    got 933! happy I used OXYPHENBUTAZONE but I only got in on two triple letters and not three so it was only worth 499

  44. RameshK. says:

    If you need some “help” while playing scrabble, you can also check out my little word finder tool (I created for fun!) :

  45. Ds says:

    Thanks for the many hours spent on your site. I am far from perfect but still trying.

  46. Kevin Bloomgren says:

    Yes Donato I’d like to see your 1000 point game. And a 2k or 3k as well. I must be missing something as my scores are much, much lower. 🙁 Kevin

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