Barb’s Birthday

Barb's birthday

I’ve been celebrating my 28th (thanks BruB) birthday this weekend, and as with each year, it’s always very special.

I received a lovely gold chain plucked right off my amazon wish list from John (or who we very affectionaly call Mr. Dolphin around here), to get the birthday started early, and the very day of my birthday, (the 11th) my son took me to lunch and later my daughter took me shopping for a skirt. Mom prepared a little party that night, and along with flowers, an ice cream cake, she presented me with a card-with money! Apparently, she insists, I need new clothes.

Chrissie called, so did Petra, and I also got to talk with Myrna who also didn’t forget that it was my birthday. I got emails with good wishes, and it really does a heart good to be remembered on a special day. Of course, members at Unique Exposures also made me feel appreciated. Today at church, I was also greeted at church with wishes for my day.

Today, I get to continue the celebration with my sister and the rest of my family.

Thanks to everyone. No words could describe how I cherish all of this in my heart.



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