When my grandmom passed away, it was up to my mom, dad, sister and I to go through her things and figure out what to do with it all. One of the items I picked out for myself was a small tea set. I don’t know why I liked it, but my sister and mom didn’t want the delicate set and I took it. It was neatly put away in a special box.

Japanese tea set

For years it stayed in that special box until my daughter was born and had her first tea party.

tea cup and saucer

Now I am not any kind of antique expert, so recently I have been curious what the meaning of the writing is under the saucer:

japanese writing? This could well  be upside down for all I know. :(

One of the freakiest moments we have had though, was during Laura’s little tea parties with her friend Shelby, they both got a little spooked when at the bottom of their cup, at the end of their tea, they both noticed, “Hey, there is a face in my cup!”

Sure enough, closer examination showed a definate image of a Geisha looking lady, inside the bottom of their tea cups!

japanese lady at the bottom of the cup

geisha at bottom of tea cup

Now that we’re used to our little lady at the bottom of our teacups we’re not so spooked anymore, just a little curious as to the origins of my grandmom’s little tea set.