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For as long as I can remember, talk radio has played in our home. I so remember my mom putting on Conference Call on the radio, where a panel had a discussion and people called in the station and there was debate. I’ve been silent regarding this "Fairness Doctrine" in the news, but that doesn’t mean my blood hasn’t been on a low boil regarding this subject, that the liberals who wish to control us, wish to take this freedom away from us.

It seems just because liberal talk radio can’t find an audience, and because people exchanging opinions that seem to have a conservative leaning [such as immigration the hot topic ight now], there is a group screaming "Fairness"

When I look at the major news stations and their typical liberal slant, I am so THANKFUL for talk radio. I mean, how many times have you heard CNN called the "Communist News Network"?

I think Hal Lindsey puts it well :

"Talk radio is not news, per se, but mostly opinion. Talk-show radio personalities are not journalists in the classic sense of the word. They are commentators who entertain. If the audience doesn’t like the commentary and the way it’s presented, the show gets canceled.

Al Franken is a comedian, not a journalist. He moved from comedy shows to talk radio because his material didn’t appeal to a wide enough audience. But Franken failed as a talk-show host because his material wasn’t interesting, and his arguments weren’t convincing to that audience, either. Other liberal talk-radio hosts may be entertaining, but, apparently, their opinions aren’t convincing.

Opinions are funny things. We seek out those that fit our own core values. We tend to filter out opinions that don’t confirm our core values. It’s similar to the way we choose our friends – because we share common values. The fact liberal talk radio can’t find an audience isn’t because there’s no choice – it’s because there is a choice.

We should form our opinions based on raw information. That’s the difference between talk radio and hard news. Hard news should be based on facts, not conjecture. If a person can find enough raw facts, he can make an informed opinion.

That’s why the Founding Fathers created a free press. So that, given the unvarnished information, citizens can make informed opinions. Talk radio usually attracts listeners after they’ve already formed their opinions. It’s obvious proponents of the Fairness Doctrine believe the average American is too stupid to form a correct opinion in a free marketplace of ideas."

The article goes on to discuss how other totalitarian governments had the same "Fairness", taking gradual steps, use of media to bend and manipulate policy changes. Basically this was to quiet opposition.

We are so seeing this today.

Those of us who like having our opinions and a place to air them might have a fight on our hands. A fight to keep us from the dark ages of the major networks and press. Apparently we have liberals scared.



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