Learning Languages


Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in languages.

I was so excited when in the 8th grade my school offered Spanish. I flourished in that class and went on to live in Spain to learn it better than the six years of high school and college I got already.

While in Spain, it turned out that I lived in a region that speaks Catalán as well as Spanish, so, my time there offered a bonus of another language to learn.

Lately, I regret that I haven’t learned more languages, so, I ordered the Rosetta Stone Demo Disk. I was very impressed!

What languages would you like to learn?

Travel with Confidence: Rosetta Stone


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  1. Beth Ellen says:

    I would like to learn Spanish and hopefully can learn it with Chaela in due time but first we are going to learn a dead language (Latin) 😉

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