Structurally Deficient


In light of the news regarding the I-35W Bridge in Minnesota tragedy, I couldn’t help but think of how shocking it can be when disaster happens when you least expect it. It reminds us how fragile and fleeting life is and can be.

Things like this can often make us reflect, and that can be a good thing.

I can imagine soon shock will turn to anger; bridges are made to cross, not collapse, and people will want answers how could this happen.

But before the anger and blame hits, should we not self examine? Are there any relationships that are structurally deficient? Any loved ones we haven’t appreciated fully? Did you let someone walk away and not say I love you, perhaps for the last time?

Most important, how about our relationship with God? Is it sound or could that be structurally deficient too?

God’s Bridge to Eternal Life

Now that’s a bridge that is only up to you and me.


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  1. Barb: “It reminds us how fragile and fleeting life is and can be.”

    This is so true and it has come home in spades to my family recently when my brother-in-law Gayle died on the 25th of July. Just playing with his son and keels over dead.

    I like your comment about our relationship with God. You must be prepared to meet him at any moment. If the President was going to stop by our house sometime over the weekend we would have the house clean for the unannounced moment that he arrives……….steve

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