“The opposite of faith is not unbelief – it’s fear. That’s because both faith and fear are focused on the future, the fearrealm of the unknown. Fear cancels out faith because it can freeze us in our tracks. Fear is overcome by faith in God who knows the future.” ~ DJ.

I have blogged about fear before. It seems to be a persistent subject in my life and those around me.

I was remembering when I was 18, that I was FEARLESS.
I took off, ALONE, in an airplane bound for Iceland, then stopping in Luxembourg.
I was picked up by my close friend and sister, Petra. I stayed in Holland for about 5 weeks. But soon enough, I was away from the bosom of what was already my Dutch Family and off in a train bound for Spain, ALONE again.

This was no small feat, even for someone with the childlike faith that I had.

I could list a number of reasons where my fears, now grown, have come from.
Life hasn’t been that easy.
But, I’d really like to conquer them and grow in my faith.

Today I read the following from “Facing the Giants in Your Life” by David Jeremiah (I condensed it some)

“The spirit of fear can take over our life and dominate us in a way God never intended…
When fear becomes a permanent condition, it can immobilize us and bring our entire
life to a standstill.

Fear Disregards God’s Plan
God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)
God has not created us to be creatures dominated by fear.
He has given us the principle of faith upon which to live.
If we choose to live in fear, we are disregarding God’s plan for our life.

Fear Distorts God’s Purposes
When fear dominates our life, everything gets out of perspective; everything gets distorted.
Just like the 12 spies who went in and came back from the Promised Land, reporting about the
giants they saw.
Not every person in the land was a giant. Their fear caused them to see one thing, and report another.
They even went as far as to think that God led them to the Promised Land so they could be destroyed!
When fear begins to control your life, you don’t think correctly.

Fear Discourages God’s People
It’s highly contagious – a communicable sin. Just like the above illustration with the spies.
10 out of 12 men came back controlled by fear and determined the destiny of a nation for the next 40 years.
The fearful words of 10 people turned the fortunes of an entire nation.

Fear Disbelieves God’s Promises
In spite of being on the threshold of the Promised Land, the miracles in Egypt, the plagues, the parting
of the Red Sea, the provision in the wilderness, the guiding with the pillar of fire and a cloud, Israel didn’t believe that God would keep His promise.

Fear Disobeys God’s Principles
When we don’t believe, we usually don’t obey. Israel rebelled.
As harsh as this sounds, fear is disobeying God, too.
When fear grips our lives, it ultimately destroys everything God wants to do in and through us.
I have known people to whom God has given a vision, a direction for life and ministry, but who
failed to follow through with God because of fear. As a result, their lives became rambling,
meaningless journeys instead of focused, purposeful missions. Fear can steal the very thing
God wants to give us.

What to do?
Confront your fear honestly.
Confess it as sin.
Claim God’s promises of protection.
Cultivate a closer relationship with God.
Commit your life to Jesus Christ.”


Facing the Giants in Your Life (2004)


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  1. BethEllen says:

    Some good points. I was fearless when I was younger but of course didn’t travel as far as you did. lol. I have noted I have greater fears since my daughter was born.

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