Easter (part 1)

Did you make it to church this Easter?

If not, can I invite you to take a listen to my Pastor from Anchor Baptist Church in Millersville, Maryland? Listen HERE

Pastor Andy Counterman


“…He became sin for us, He was the only One who could do it.

Have you ever thought to yourself, I am a pretty good person, I keep the law…
I think I’ll make it [to heaven]. No. ‘By the deeds of the law shall no deeds be justified.’ the Bible says. That’s the truth. You can’t keep the Ten Commandments, I can’t keep the Ten Commandments. We all have a common disease, it’s called sin. Christ had to come to make a payment for that sin debt.

Now folks, I am not pointing anyone out, we’re all in the same boat with this one. We got the disease. And the disease is going to take us to death. And if we die without Christ, we are in a terrible place because  we’ll pay for the sin debt ourself. Now if you’re here today, and you think, I should pay for it myself, I deserve that, the result is a separation from God in a place called Hell-and it’s fire and brimstone. Oh, there you go, fire and brimstone preaching.

Ok. Your house is on fire. I am walking down the street and I know you’re asleep. I see the flames coming out of your roof. I don’t want to be fire and brimstone caller, I’ll just let ’em cook. You’d say, what kind of person are you? Where is your humanity? What kind of person would we be if we let them face an eternity of fire without saying, ‘turn-turn away…turn to Jesus? He’s paid for your sin.”

Download the entire mp3 here.

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