Stewards and Managers

I was watching Neil Cavuto today and he had a guest on his show named Larry Winget.

Neil was asking Larry about the Federal Rescue of Wall Street.
Larry was quick to remind him it was not a rescue, it was definately a bailout, and that it was irresponsible to reward bad behavior, which is exactly what we’re doing by rushing to put money into something where no one goes punished or investigated. He also expressed concern over the rush of this bill.

Later, Cavuto interviewed Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent had stronger words about this bailout, “Uncle Sam is a pig and I wouldn’t trust congress-Fedzilla- to take care of my animals.”

Later in the show, Ben Stein declared whether we bailout now or later, he called for drastic legal prosecution for those at fault.

All men had good points and strong concerns that I could agree with.

I decided to look up another Larry…Larry Burkett, now passed away, but always wise with money.
Larry writes, “We don’t really own things; we are simply stewards and managers of what God has entrusted to us.”

We have to remember that as we vote for the people who make these decisions.

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