First Snowflake

We’ve had very little winter here in Maryland. The temperatures have been cold, but no snow.

Today we had a few flakes. Inspired by Beth Ellen’s snowflakes,  I thought to take a close up photo of one as they fell on the car windshield.

So, here is my first (and I hope not my last) snowflake photo!
macro snowflake

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3 Responses

  1. myrrhbeth says:

    Oh it’s super cute!
    I LOVE snowflakes; one of Beth-Ellen’s has been our bulletin cover for the month of January.
    Hope you get more good shots!

  2. Beth Ellen says:

    I am impressed! I am no expert mind you. 🙂 You need to update the date on your signature. 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    That is very cool! Here in Chicago it has been snowing nonstop for what seems about 2 months, I still haven’t gotten a decent macro! Oh well, yours is very nice. Hope some snow comes your way, regards!

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