Butterfly Dream

No kidding, last night I dreamed I was in a garden with giant butterflies. Many of them.

They weren’t scary to me, even though their size as as large as the treetops, they were beautiful, with their details and markings even more vivid at this size.

The frustration in the dream (isn’t there always one?) is that I was struggling with my camera to get it to work to take their photos.

So as an exercise in fun (I don’t really believe in dream interpretations), I looked it up anyway:

What it all Means

The butterfly most commonly is a symbol of transformation. It begins as an egg laid by a butterfly. It hatches from the egg as a caterpillar. It feed, and feeds, and feeds until it wraps itself snug and secure into a cocoon. In the cocoon it undergoes a transformation, a change, into it’s existence as a beautiful butterfly. Taking all of this into consideration it is easy to see that dreaming of a butterfly may mark the beginning of a transformation in your waking life. You may be ready to hatch from your cocoon and spread your wings, flying above the material cares of the world into a higher and more meaningful existence.
To see a butterfly flying around carefree in a dream may represent your own ability to fly free. If you have recently dreamed of butterflies it may represent that you are now free from an oppressing situation, problem, or relationship.

Butterflies are also a symbol of spirituality. Many times when a dreamer dreams of butterflies around them, or of observing them, it means that in their waking life they are on the verge of a deep spiritual journey, full of new awareness and possibilities. This truly is a wonderful thing.

In the book “Secrets of Dreams”, written by Caro Ness, the meaning of a butterfly dream is close to my own personal analysis…

It mentions that butterflies can be seen as “symbols of transformation”, or, as “accurate, and startling affirmations of rebirth into a newer, brighter, and more illuminating existence…”


Maybe I’d do better to look up the “failing camera” interpretation.


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10 Responses

  1. Petra says:

    Did Caro Ness have an interpretation for it?

  2. Beth Ellen says:


  3. Beth Ellen says:

    Perhaps it means the thing you want to capture is beyond your reach. It slips away.

  4. Neil says:

    Wow, what a great dream!

  5. myrrhbeth says:

    Maybe it is your camera that is going to transform your life, if only you could get the big expensive lens…

    The other day though, I had a lot of dreams about Amish Friendship bread. (Remember us talking about that?) Perhaps you should transform into Amish?

  6. Caro Ness says:

    Hi Barb
    Thanks for checking out and mentioning my book!

    Might I suggest that you can assume from your dream that you are SO close to that spiritual transformation but the image of you failing to take a picture of the butterflies with your camera might suggest that something is preventing you from reaching the goal you seek. Is something preventing you from finding a deeper spirituality or a transformation of some kind in your life?


  7. carol bennett says:

    I have been going through an emtional breakdown (depression) last night I dreamed of beautiful huge and various coloured butterflies. I have never ever dreamed of them before this.

    What could this mean?

  8. Could it be a transformation in my new recently retired life?

  9. bender says:

    Your dream is most similar to mine that i could find.
    I also dream last night seeing a really big butterfly’s (thousands of them), as i was going downstairs in my house. I walk between, and was soon cowered by many of them, still i was not afraid, i was calm and curious. that’s it, bye bye

  10. amanda collings says:

    hello barbara, what a curious dream. just 3 nights ago i too had a dream about butterflies. they were in my house and i too was trying to photograph them as some i had never seen before.my camera too would not work properly, so was extremely excited to find you had the same dream and had found the same interpretation as me. just today i went to visit my auntie who is in the final months of her life and she lent me a book called always by my side by gaynor carillo (born in england and now livingg in benidorm spain with her spanish husband and children) and on the front are butterflies. i was very intrigued by the response from caro ness too and i take this as a sign for my own spiritual growth and therefore transformation within myself. thank you for creating this blog and god bless you. x

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