Adventures in Babysitting

Babysitting Cameron, that is.

Somehow, I got the job to babysit Cameron overnight.

I was a little nervous about it, as Cameron is used to having “Ida” here.

We soon found ways to have a good time.


raking the yard.
Cam raking

Pushing the broken lawnmower…
Pushing the mower

“Fixing” the mower…
Fixing the mower

Checking on the corn in the garden…
corn in the garden

Jumping on the trampoline…
Cam on the trampoline

He also snapped green beans from the garden with yaya.

Blew bubbles in his iced tea. (I’m sure this would be a definite no-no with “Ida”).
Blowing bubbles into the iced tea with a straw

Ate dinner.
Had a bath.
Watched Yaya make a lemon pie.
Finally fell asleep on Barbar’s bed…
Asleep in Barb's bed

What a sweet precious!

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