The Pier at Ocean City Maryland

I was sitting in the hotel room talking to John when my cell phone rang. It was the girls saying, “You need to hurry to the pier! The waves are hitting it!”

The pier at Ocean City is reserved for amusement rides close to the boardwalk, and further into the water, a great lookout of the beach and even more out, a place for those who like to go fishing.

Donna and I quickly dressed and rushed down the boardwalk to the pier. Indeed the waves looked angrier than ever, crashing against the pier in a more dramatic fashion than I have ever seen.

The pier at Ocean City

From our place on the beach, we turned around, surprised to see Ocean City behind us and the sea in front of us almost disappearing in a very scary looking mist and fog.
Ocean city in the fog

While some of us kept a respectful distance from the waves, we noticed a surfer look at the ocean with hope.

Surfer Hurricane Bill

Our next shock was turning to the south and seeing the amusement part of the pier with the darkest clouds hovering over the rides.
AMusment rides on the pier at OC
We soon left that area for dinner.
We managed to get to the Dough Roller before the pouring rains it, but not too soon to hear the crackle of the lightning behind us!

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2 Responses

  1. lisa says:

    was there any damage to the pier? i was having fits all weekend wanting to get there and see it all for myself, as you know, this is right up my alley as they say, walmart had other ideas though… just glad to see all is well, there was a death up in maine i think, a bunch of people were standing on the beach and got hit by a wave a girl died, i think she was 12, so sad…

  2. Beth says:

    wonderful shots Barb.

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