Blizzard 2009: Next Day

The day after the storm nearly breaks all December records, the sun came out and it was time to dig out.

Glen Burnie received 22.5 inches, it’s safe I think to say that Pasadena got close to that.

This is our back deck.

Enric and Miranda set out to clean the cars and driveway off.

Silas helps!

Having a day that I couldn’t do much, gave me a chance to take some time and do something I really like to do, take bird photos.

Here a hungry snow bird pays our deck a visit.

Blue Jays showed up by the dozens, but I only got a picture of this one.

Since the cold snap arrived, we have seen the unusual sparrow or two, too!

Icicles formed and the snow blew behind them.

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2 Responses

  1. Petra says:

    Overhere, Tony discovered a robin looking for food yesterday morning. And a little bird with upright tail which we call “King of Winter”.

  2. beth ellen says:

    Lovely the bird shots. That Junco is lovely.

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