Petra, Silas, and Chocolate Cake

Petra emailed me about a week ago that she would be coming in for a quick visit.

I quickly informed mom on the news and suggested she make a chocolate cake, knowing Petra loves mom’s homemade cakes.

Silas, who had never met Petra yet, was already considering  her a soul mate. I mean, who is better than the person responsible for getting this chocolate cake baked??

Before she got here, Silas got to watch it getting baked, licked the beaters, bowl, and spatula, and then just sort of waited while it was on display awaiting Petra’s arrival.

Today the big day arrived!


Petra enjoying the chocolate cake

It’s hard to say which of them look happiest!
Mom joins Joe and Petra with coffee and cake at the table.
It was a quick visit, but I was so glad to see them even if just a little while!

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2 Responses

  1. Sandy Griffiths says:

    That cake SURE looks good! Can I have the recipe???


  2. myrrhbeth says:

    Ha! Notice the uneaten bananas next to the cake…

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