Miquel amb Formatge

Miquel with the formatge

Little Miquel

So a few days ago, I blogged an old home movie about a young Miquel and his love affair with food. The video showed his struggles as he tried to eat a bowl of potatoes.

The video that follows, he is about the same age and we are at a friend’s house, who before the main meal, put an assortment of snacks on their living room coffee table.

While I am taping, I am already chuckling because I could see what is on his mind to do. To stab a BIG chunk of cheese (formatge) and eat it.

Well the cheese was huge in his mouth, and the funny part was how he took a bite, could hardly close his mouth, and as if to further show us how BIG the cheese was, collapsed to the floor, as if the weight of the cheese pulled him down.

It was very funny.

Enjoy! I still laugh watching it!

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