Nice Bum Shot

Yesterday, my son Enric brought in a caterpillar and then later Miquel came in to tell me get the camera ready, there was a stick bug on his car.  Later and very enthusiastically I showed John my photos. His comment? “Nice bum shot.”

I didn’t know that on the stick bug, I didn’t shoot the correct end. 🙂
And to be honest, it took me awhile to figure which end was which on the caterpillar.

It’s not easy sometimes!

Anyway, after those two critters yesterday, today I woke up to a centipede!!!! Yikes!
John’s response to me hopping on the chair was laughter.

I got pics. Caterpillar, stick bug, and the centipede, which is STILL at large!





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  1. Sandy Griffiths says:

    Beautiful shots, but UGLY bugs!!!


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