Daddys Girls

Long ago, I gave my dad a photo collage of photos for Christmas. I made the theme to be “Daddy’s Girls.” If I recall, he really liked it, and it hung in the living room for years.

For a long while now, it got moved to the basement. A few days ago, I don’t know what happened, but the glass, photos, and three sides of the frame just gave up the ghost, and it all collapsed to the floor.

So I thought before I could figure out  a way to rehang everything, I would scan the photos and share. The photos when upstairs in the sunlight, got faded, and the scans aren’t great, but sharing anyway.

Dad's main girl, Mom. I've always loved this photo of her. I took it in the kitchen.

Linda and I. I think I was about 14. Linda was pregnant with Stacey here.

Someone caught me dancing in the living room, not an uncommon sight, actually.

Grandmom (Dad's mom) and Kim

Well I told Petra we went to Fort Smallwood park before, not that this photo actully PROVES it, but this is us there.

Dad and I. I believe it was Christmas morning.

Mom and Linda at the cherry tree in Grandmom's backyard by the fishpond.

Dad with Petra at her graduation.

The sad goodbye day. Petra was leaving us after a year.

Little did we know that this wouldn't be the first time we would struggle to keep Petra's suitcase under a weight limit. It happens every time she comes.

Linda, at grandmoms

Dad's smallest girl at the time, Stacey. I had to put Roger in there too! Dad would get two more grandsons and more girl later on.


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  1. Petra says:

    What lovely memories in these pictures: love and memories caught on paper.
    Treasures for ever….

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