Amid All the Crisis Obama Lives the Good Life

I might not be a world expert on international affairs. I may not know everything I need to know about the differences in American and Japanese cultures, but there are things I do know.

I do know…

That, a major earthquake rocked Japan, followed by a dangerous tsunami. People were left homeless, with everything they owned gone. Many are still missing.
Top that off with they are cold, hungry, homeless, and scared.
Add to that there are some interesting issues with their nuclear power plant.
There are now food shortages.

Even though the Japanese are not prone to panic, there are news stories that say they are at the brink of panic.

Is it weird then, or is it just me, that our president spent the weekend playing golf, and going to ESPN to do his NCAA picks?

What’s next? A trip to RIO of course!

Well, I think it’s more than weird, I think it’s insensitive and shows a huge lack of leadership and compassion.

So, the Middle East is in crisis, our Japanese friends are in crisis, and our own nation is in crisis, and this guy just can’t stop living the good life for one second.


It’s not just me.

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