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Besides running my own photo challenge site, I participate in quite a few. These are sort of like online photography “contests” often called Photo Memes. I prefer photo challenge, as the themes often keep your photography fresh as you endeavor to do something different, or something you might not have thought to photograph before.

One such site, Who Do You Love, runs theirs a little differently. They keep  tally of how many votes you get, whether you come in first, second, or third, and then they have a winner at the end of the year. The caliber of photography is wonderful and you can imagine my surprise to be announced as the pre-season winner for 2011.

Here is what they have liked over the years, including the year 2011. If you click on the picture name, it will take you directly to the photograph:

year picture for the theme
2011 Shenandoah landscapes
2011 Entree at the Mussel Bar food
2011 View of NYC new york
2011 Beating the Heat wet
2011 Large Kite large
2011 Flat Iron buildings
2011 Perth at Night night shots
2011 Kite Landing animals
2011 Red Satin red
2011 Xerraire: Hurricane Bill Storm Clouds storm
2011 Linda’s Christmas Tree holidays
2011 Waiting room room
2010 New Shirt new
2010 Clock Tower time
2010 Christmas Tree christmas
2009 Spider black & white
2009 Lady Cardinal your favorite picture of the year
2009 Mother Miranda love
2009 Tree at Harpers Ferry tree(s)
2009 Bad Storm at the Cemetery bad weather
2009 Ocean City Beach Resort vacation
2009 Birthday Party Presents party
2009 August Sunrise sky
2009 Barb at the Auto Show you
2009 Monument and Flag freedom
2009 The Serve sports
2009 Ellicott City Maryland urban art
2009 Tortilla de Patatas food
2009 Xerraire: Colors for Fall colors


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