Birthday Party For Silas

This year Miranda decided to have Silas’s birthday party a little early.
Just like last year, it was held at Lake Waterford Park.

Silas, our birthday boy

Connor showed up ready to roll!


Miranda preparing the dirt cake while Rubí sits on the picnic table.

Perhaps I should pause here and give the reason for the “dirt” cake:

A while back Silas was annoyingly and repeatingly asking for something to eat. His dad, after being very patient with him finally said, “I am going to give you DIRT to eat.”

This upset Silas somewhat, and after he was told it was a joke, and we all had a laugh, it became a family joke.

To play on that, and also in connection with Silas can’t eat many cakes because of an egg white allergy, Miranda decided on a DIRT cake! Genius!

The “dirt” is actually crunched up Oreo Cookies. 🙂 which have no egg whites!

Dirt cake in a bucket! Complete with "worms" (Gummy worms)

Rubi is very excited about the dirt cake


I think Connor thought we were all crazy eating dirt cake.


Rubi, on the other hand, was all for it.

Opening presents time. Books from Laura and all the cousins!

A baseball mitt from yaya!

Racing motorcyles from Nana

A bike from Mommy and Daddy!

Silas was so happy!!

Well getting the hang of it!

Rubi, not to be outdone, gets on the first available bike she saw. 🙂

Silas will have to learn his daddy's motto of long ago, "I crash, therefore I am." Not a bad scrape there.

Next to practice with the baseball glove.

Later, Connor finally tries dirt cake on a shovel. 🙂

At home, a try out with the motorcycles.

A great day. Silas and Rubí seemed plenty tired by the end of it.

As nana, I feel so blessed to enjoy these moments. They are treasures.

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