Sunday Brunch

So what do other people do the day they are getting married? You mean they don’t sit out in the car blogging about the day before just to kill time like me? hehe

We are at Siesta Park where the internet connection doesn’t reach our chalet. John and I are very excited about getting married today and didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. So at the chalet I worked on some photos to put up and we jumped into the car to grab a good signal so I could blog.

Yesterday, we were invited to a pre-wedding brunch at Dad and Iris’s. I got to meet some family I didn’t know yet. Before we went, John picked some “drumsticks” off of his drumstick tree to give to Iris.

John at the drumstick tree.

getting more drumsticks.

The collected drumsticks in the back of the car.

We had a lovely time at brunch. Iris cooked a lot of wonderful food, and it was great to see Georgie again.

Then it was time to head off to Siesta Park then off to Castle Rock to meet with the celebrant.

Bikers we saw by the road on our way...

First view of Castlerock beach as we drove in to meet the celebrant.

The view where we want our wedding.

Loved meeting the celebrant. She loved our love story and how we met and how it grew.

Back at home, I looked at a few special items given to us at the Sunday Brunch at Dad and Iris’s.

Danielle gave us fresh cut flowers and Georgie made a bouquet for me for our wedding and some for my hair... I was so touched. We also got some cards.

Had to share this box John gave me to put things in. Love it! I gave one simular to my sister and her husband for Christmas and I LOVED it! Now I have one!

The card Dad and Iris gave us is really special; I am guessing Iris picked it out by the verse...

Card with a lovely verse for a couple about to be married...loved it.

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