Johns Banksias

I don’t say “our Banksias” as I have let John know the yard is his domain. He keeps trying to get me to cut the grass and clip the hedge anyway.

But I do love the Banksias and glad he has planted them.

here are 76 Banksia species, and all but one occur naturally only in Australia. Banksias were named after Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820 ), who, in 1770, was the first European to collect specimens of these plants.

The flower heads are made up of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of tiny individual flowers grouped together in pairs. The colour of the flower heads usually ranges from yellow to red. Many species flower over autumn and winter.


This banksia is a little tangled up with John's Silver princess tree as you can see by the gumnuts.


While I was taking photos this white-cheeked honeyeater came along.


The fruits protect the seeds from foraging animals and from fire. In many species the fruits will not open until they have been burnt or completely dried out.


Banksias have a few stages of growth.


Banksias usually grow best in well drained soils in a sunny position.

I can say in my stay here so far, sunshine has been abundant!

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