Hillarys Boat Harbor Sunset

After the show and shine, a trip to Bunnings, and a look at the burned Bush, we decided it might make a nice evening to take photos of a sunset. I also wanted to practice with my flash, trying to get a photo of John and I, lit, but still keep the sunset in tact behind us. He brought his tripod and I learned how to use my timer.

The sky looked promising.

Lovely clouds over the “sails”.


At this point, I think we were happy we came to Hillarys, a different kind of sunset photo than we’d done before.


It started to get interesting and intense.

The sun on the roofs caught my eye, as well as getting a photo of Jetty’s for Laura.

Practicing with my flash.

Made this one my facebook cover.:)

A surprise kiss when the timer went off, but that’s more than OK, I love when he holds and kisses me!

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