Peters By The Sea at the Beach

After our day at the Birds of Prey Centre and all the parks we visited, I was starving. We didn’t know which beach to go to see a sunset, so I suggested a beach with FOOD.

John eats a hearty breakfast and can last all day, and I on the other hand, can’t seem to manage a breakfast, and by the time dinner arrives, I am starving. This keeps happening, so many times I grab an apple for the car or something, but on this day, I didn’t.

With this hunger I had, John decided on Scarborough Beach. We parked right in front of Peters by the Sea, so we wondered in.

Peters By the Sea, a take away restaurant that has a story of being asked to move in order to build something big, and they refused.

Inside revealed a few open pits of lamb and beef. The lady was tickled I took a photo and asked me to come back on Sunday where then she would have a whole big lamb.

John captures a photo of me clutching my new prize, a grilled hamburger with all the trimmings they put on it. (He took this photo to get me in trouble with Laura).

It tasted wonderful, but at that point, I might have eaten grilled cardboard.


Another lovely sunset over the Indian Ocean


John takes a photo of a very content and happy Xerraire, having spent the day with her husband who tries to always show me the best time. I asked him if he felt like a husband yet, and he answered, “Yes, a husband slash tour guide.”  🙂

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