Miquel Gets a New Car

It’s blue.

Ok, I know more than it’s color!

Jenny is unaware she is modeling with Miquel's new car.


It's a Dodge! Avenger.

Another view.

Under the hood. The important parts seem kinda hidden.

Laura has a go at the wheel.

Miquel shows Enric as Jenny sees I am taking photos.

So then the pose.

And silliness, of course.

Not sure why mom has 'the look' but she was sure happy for Miquel to get a new car.

That's better.

Laura demonstrates that she could never reach the wheel at the settings Miquel has his seat.

The steering wheel.

Isn't there a CD player?

Ah! It's hidden too! Behind the clock!

Trying out the back seat.


Awww, a lovely smile from a happy Jenny!

The back of the car.

Miquel liked the interior.

A lot of room in the trunk.

Silas demonstrates.

Definitely a lot of room.

Rubí takes the wheel!

So does Mommy!

I think Mique's car has been taken over. 🙂

Ok, so we’re all a little happy for Miquel and Jenny.




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