Miquel’s Birthday 2012


Our month for birthdays. Silas, Miquel, and Enric. Alejandra, too, if you count our extended new “family” into Spain! The month is plainly full!

So this day was Miquel’s day.

Miquel. The child I am sure my mother wished on me. Since we share this sense of getting into mischief, we so understand each other sometimes. I love that.
You have a heart of gold. That’s worth it all.

Fideus a la Casola. One of Miquel’s favorites. Mine too. Many people ask me about this dish, I just say, come over, I will fix it for you.

This birthday dinner made extra special this year because of Jenny’s parents were able to join us!

Mmmm Oreo Cookie Ice cream Cake from Friendly’s

Our birthday boy.

After some hilarious stories on how Miquel kept his household up shaving at around 2 in the morning, it was time to open presents. 🙂

A CD of music from Simeon, who stopped by earlier,  as Jenny and her Dad look on.

Donna looks on as Miquel opens more presents.

A mini keyboard for his Playstation from his Mama, which as it turns out, works great.

PS3 Wireless Keypad

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