After the Voting

“No matter whom you vote for, the Government always gets in.”

True story.

“Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently and all for the same reason.”
~José Maria de Eça de Queiroz, translated from Portuguese

Oh, I am not knocking voting, in fact, I have been very vocal this year about exercising this right to vote. What’s the saying,”Vote early and vote often?”

Sounds funny but by the scandals erupting from city to city in voter fraud, it makes you wonder.


And who will win?

The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong.
~Andy Rooney

Another item of probability? Bingo! Bingo is a game of probability in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers. Tomorrow we will hit the polls and probably learn the outcome in a short amount of time. (Don’t need a repeat of Florida Bush and Gore). After you vote as every good citizen should do, what’s next? I thought I’d make a list of things to do.
  1. Play Cheeky  Bingo! You can play for free and win for real!
  2. Learn once and for all how the Electoral College works. This often confuses a lot of people, you should know more about it!
  3. Join Swagbucks as your new search engine, and earn reward bucks towards gift certificates at Amazon and other vendors.
  4. Play Solitaire Scrabble, it’s fun! Try to beat your own score, or the score of others! I have one reader who keeps posting his high scores. Let me know yours!
  5. Shop on Amazon! After all, Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s really the easiest way to shop!
  6. Watch how they make wooden shoes in Holland, my grandchildren LOVED this video.
  7. Depending on the outcome of the election, you might want to move to Australia! It’s a beautiful country.
  8. Take a gander at my wishlist? See what Barb wants for Christmas 🙂
  9. See brilliant quotes on voting. A lot of amusing and serious quotations out there.
  10. Use the photos on your computer and make a fun slide show, that looks very professional with music and effects with Animoto! I absolutely love using Animoto slide shows for my photographs. Great for special occasions, too.


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