Glad for the Storm?

“I’m so glad we had that storm last week,” said Chris Matthews,  “…The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.”

Someone is going to have to help me understand that one. A mother had two of her little sons taken from her in a surge of water and they died! Death toll at last count was 110. Is the liberal media that void of love for others and that much contempt for the other side that they can actually SAY something like that and get away with it?
Hurricane Sandy is something Chris Matthews is glad about

hurricane sandy victims


After looking at those photos and knowing how destroyed some lives are, HOW is that man still on the air?

So tell me how did that storm help Obama?

Do you mean to tell me this one photo-op saved his election? If so, then still looking at the headlines that’s all it was, a photo-op. People are still suffering and hurting and another storm is due in to make matters worse. After that photo-op for the cameras and newspapers, that man, went back to Vegas baby. Last night he partied in victory with the stars that helped put him there. People need more than a photo-op that looked good for the cameras and little else.

Gas Shortages Lead to Desperate Measures In Storm Zone…

Fear of looting grips NYC…

Virus Breaks Out at Shelter; Refugees Puking in Hallways…


So, hey Mr. President…Donald Trump (forgetting for a moment he is a buffoon) offered you 5 million dollars to the charity of your choice if you only would keep your word about being transparent and release your records. That would have gone a longer way than that photo-op to helping people. Oh. But then it’s not about them is it, it’s about you.

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