Story B Diverting from Story A

Or more empty chairs…

From Jan Morgan Media…

While Rome Burns — President Distracts, Generals Play, Americans Pay

And America is “on a path to its fifth straight $1 trillion-plus deficit.”

The Economy, Jobs, Fiscal Cliff, 2nd Amendment Attacks, Stolen Elections, Collectivism Run Rampant, and yet, More and More Empty Chairs


When the mainstream news jumps all over story B and avoids story A… watch the other hand… where’s the real story? Story A! What is story A? Benghazi. Obama. Traitorous dereliction of duty. MSM conspiring with the White House to divert, cover-up, and deny the story to save the election.

For weeks — and even to today — the MSM has avoided story A — the Benghazi, Obama, Commander in Chief, dereliction of duty, criminal negligence of our forces and Ambassador, story. They blamed the horrendous mutilation, beheading, and rape of American heroes and an Ambassador in Benghazi, on American free-speech of all things. Shift blame AND attack a foundational American principle — free speech — via a clear, proven lie by the Obama administration, his staff, and the press — that Benghazi was the result of a single video.

Is anyone paying attention? A clear, proven, lie?
A clear, proven, liar, in the White House. This is the best we could do?
Then we deserve what we get.

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