These Unfortunates

Michael Rubens Bloomberg is an American business magnate, politician and philanthropist. He is currently Mayor of New York City. With a net worth of $25 billion in 2012, he is also the 10th-richest person in the United States.


New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg, (You know Mr. Ban the Big Gulp), has yet another ban. He has banned food donations to the homeless shelters. Now this man has likely never  known a day of hunger in his whole life, is the tenth richest person in the United States, he could likely ELIMINATE the homeless with the money he rakes in, and has the NERVE to ban food donations???


CBS New York reported that Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s mayor, has outlawed food donations to homeless shelters in the city because authorities can’t assess their fat, salt and fiber content. The edict was apparently set down in March by an inter-agency task force that includes the departments of Health and Homeless Services.

“It’s not that we question the generous intent of these donations,” Bloomberg explained. “It’s just that we have no way of guaranteeing the quality of the donated food. The risk is that donor ignorance could result in excessive amounts of salt and fat in the diets of these unfortunates.”

“These unfortunates”????
I have a problem with his use of  language here. It’s like he is high on a filthy rich pedestal, and he can reduce the downtrodden, hungry, and homeless, to “these unfortunates”!?

So let them die of hunger, but by george not on salt and fat on my mighty watch?

So wrong and at the rate we are going, we might ALL be “these unfortunates”

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