Urgent Message for America

Trevor Loudon is a New Zealand political activist who was vice president of the ACT New Zealand Party from 2006 to 2008.


…from an New Zea-lander.

An interesting message it is. He describes himself as “[Believing] in freedom with responsibility, not freedom from responsibility .My ideal society is one in which government is slashed to the bone and people are free to reach their potential.”

In addition to his libertarian economic views he is strongly anti-communist, in a 2006 post to his blog (see below) he stated “Socialism, is in short a manifestation of mental illness or major character deficiency.


It took me a minute to adjust to his accent, but well worth a listen.

He says, “The bad guys of the world are getting bolder and bolder….your president seems to love the bad guys.”

If you like this movie, his blog is here » NewZeal

Beyond his own beliefs, he has a real warning for Americans. I hope you have a listen.


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