Christmas Eve 2012 part 3 (At Church)

Each Christmas Eve we go to church for its Christmas Eve service.

This year, we decided to try to get some photos with the lovely poinsettias in the background.


The children were kind of wiggly during the service.

Had to got one of John and I

Laura and Jenny

Jenny is so sweet, she wanted one with me.

Miquel and Jenny

Some didn’t want their photo taken, like Silas here.

Baffled kind of how to handle Silas’s mini meltdown not wanting his photo taken, Enric is left to just laugh it off.

Miquel joins him.

A, a nice photo of my sons together.

Quick, putting crying children down and see if I can get one of Enric and Miranda.

Silas finally seems ready, but now Rubi is crying!

OK, I will at least focus on two happy faces.

This was as good as I was going to get of all of them 🙂

I left out the photo of them all which had two disgusted and exasperated parents with funny faces.


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