Christmas Eve 2012 part 4 (The Grown Ups)

After going to church and tucking Rubí to bed, it was time for the “Grown Ups” to open their presents.

Just what Laura needs, another nail polish.

No Miquel, Laura didn’t name her laptop Jesus (Hay-soos), she has an ASUS!

Miquel video records the silliness.

Ooooh………………………All the colors!

Miquel got…Big Bang Theory Season 3, then season 2, and last season 1!

That’s what he asked for, a neon lime green vest from Hollister.

Kookaburra with a Santa hat, perfect!

A package this BIG for a charm that SMALL! Sneaky Mama.

It was all about Hobbitses for Enric.

A calendar planner for me of my favorite Artist, John Sloane

Yay!!! WoW time card!

Yes, I did have a fireproof safe on my wish list, in shock that Miquel and Jenny got me one! Love it!

John gets a pillow for his office chair and his tender bum from my mom.

Mom likes the Christmas Koalas from John.

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