Planned Obsolescence

The video that follows is long, but asks a LOT of good questions, such are things made today purposely NOT to last? Included in the video (which is primarily in Spanish, but also has interviews in English and German), is a birthday celebration for the oldest known light bulb.

Batteries that are languishing at 18 months of being released, printers that are blocked on reaching a certain number of impressions, bulbs that melt at the thousand hours … Why, despite advances in technology, consumer products last less and less? Do you want to know where this ends?  The two Spanish TV and emit “The Lightbulb Conspiracy” is  a documentary that reveals the secret: planned obsolescence, the engine of the modern economy.

Filmed in Spain, France, Germany, United States and Ghana, “Buy, Throwaway, Buy again Conspiracy”, is a journey through the history of business practices which is the deliberate reduction of the life of a product to increase its consumption because, as published in 1928 an influential U.S. magazine advertising, “an product that does not wear out is a tragedy for business”

En Español:

Baterías que se ‘mueren’ a los 18 meses de ser estrenadas, impresoras que se bloquean al llegar a un número determinado de impresiones, bombillas que se funden a las mil horas… ¿Por qué, pese a los avances tecnológicos, los productos de consumo duran cada vez menos? ¿Quieres saber dónde terminan?

La 2 de Televisión Española y emiten “Comprar, tirar, comprar” un documental que nos revela el secreto: obsolescencia programada, el motor de la economía moderna.

Rodado en España, Francia, Alemania, Estados Unidos y Ghana, Comprar, tirar, comprar, hace un recorrido por la historia de una práctica empresarial que consiste en la reducción deliberada de la vida de un producto para incrementar su consumo porque, como ya publicaba en 1928 una influyente revista de publicidad norteamericana, “un artículo que no se desgasta es una tragedia para los negocios”

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