Putting Up the Wall Decal

As I blogged yesterday, Laura got a wall decal for her bedroom as a birthday present from Yaya. Miranda was quickly enlisted for help, and she accepted.

The wall decal was split up in several sections. This is section “A”

Silas busied himself at Laura’s desk.

He soon got into the spirit of joining Mommy and Laura on the bed (and jumping off it).

Rubi, in turn, busied herself right outside Laura’s room on the steps.

This child created her own version of the “the stairmaster.” She would go into Laura’s room, grab a stuffed animal, place it on the step, walk down, get another stuffed animal, place it on the next step up, walk down, and repeated this process until each step had a stuffed animal on it.

Next panel for the tree goes up.

Meanwhile, Enric watches trailers for the upcoming movie, The Hobbit.

Silas and Rubí now go to the back room for some Guitar Hero. 🙂

Almost finished.

Just a lovely touch to her wall.

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  1. Petra says:

    Looks great!

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