Australia Day in Perth 2013 (Part 1)

This was to be my first Australia Day, and I was quite excited. I had already seen many of John’s photos of the event in years past and knew as much as I love fireworks, I was in for a real treat.

We went into Perth way before the fireworks however.

The first thing I learned is that Australians love their flag. 🙂

Flags on poles is to be expected, but they were everywhere for Australia Day.
On boats…
as a body suit…
I appreciated seeing children in flag decorated hats.
Flags on their cup holders. (Called stubby holder here)
More children wearing flags and colors of Australia.
Some hats are unique. 🙂
So I joined in with Australia Flag nails!
There was Aboriginal music.
Which I quite enjoyed.
We think we were listening to Roma Knapp, but it wasn’t very organized to give us a clue as to who we were listening to.

Because I was enjoying it, I asked John to get the video recorder. I didn’t expect a fan of the band to want to be part of the filming. 🙂

There were planes flying by.

But I was surprised to see U.S. Army on the plane.
Another surprise came when as we walked around I saw a giant Spanish paella. (Or pay-ell-ah) as they say here. 🙂

Then came another flying object…

This one was called the Water Bomber 🙂

This was all leading up to the day that I was most excited about, the fireworks, proof, that I might do anything for fireworks. This was a HOT day, but John took very good care of me. Plenty to drink and lots of SPF 30 suntan lotion applied every two hours.

Next, the fireworks.


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