Australia Day in Perth 2013 (Part 2)

So even though John and I will be married a year next month, I don’t think he realized what a fireworks nut I am. I was getting more excited as the time came near for the fireworks.

Announcements in the sky didn’t help me be less enthusiastic.

John captures me all excited and camera ready for the event. He had to ask a few times while waiting, “Serious, how old are you?” 🙂

The it began, the event I had been waiting for, perhaps since John shared with me his photos of Australia Day many years back!

I almost forgot to take photos I was so impressed.

They were enormous, and stretched along the length of the sky forever.

Nor had I ever seen anything like them in Baltimore or Annapolis…

…not even Barcelona, but perhaps in Barcelona they were noisier.

There were heart shapes, koala shapes (missed), and smiley faces.

Red was the color that dominated, so a subtle pink was a nice change.

These were so grand…

..I couldn’t help but think, even their ordinary fireworks looked more like our grand finale ones.

Like this one.

Even though John teased me, he was also ready to take firework photos.

He used his fish eye lens and a slower shutter speed.

Here are a few of his.

Here you can see a little of the laser show that was also going on. Blue to the left and green in the middle.

John captured, I missed, one of my favorites, the slow moving golden cascades…


We also took movies!


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