BWI to San Francisco

When John and I first arrived to BWI, we checked in and were concerned that our seats were not together. So we asked while checking in our bags if the seating arrangement could be changed. I even went on to explain that we were married in February and separated since April, and we’d sure like to travel together. The ladies there were fascinated with our story. They told us they couldn’t help us but to be sure to ask at the gate.

When we eventually got to the gate, after buying items needed for the plane, the United Gate wasn’t yet open to ask. So we patiently waited as the sun rose on BWI airport.

Barb and John waiting at BWI.

When the gate was ready to ask someone, she was so nice. I start to explain our disappointment about the seats not being together, and she hardly let me finish, “Oh, you’re the couple that has been apart for a long time, with the husband in Australia, the ladies at the check in told me all about it!” And she started clicking away at her computer and printed another boarding pass that had us well together. That was happy. 🙂

Now off the ground, we WERE happy to be together!

I seem to not take this flying west to well. I remember the first time I did it with Laura, we only had been traveling an hour when it was like, “are we there yet?”

So I guess I didn’t look too happy when I went to use the bathroom and the flight attendant sweetly asked me, “How are you doing so far on this trip?”

I wondered did I look awful for her to ask the question and then replied, “I sure hope I am going OK, this is just the first leg of many, we’re going to Perth, Western Australia!”

She seemed quite shocked and she asked why was a traveling all the way there. Once again, I explained our story, and she was so excited. The other flight attendant there also wanted to know more. The next thing I knew, they gave us a BIG bottle of water (As if they were handing us champagne or something) and said, “Here take this, you’re going to need it!”

I was very tickled to have the water and thanked them very much.

People are just so kind. I guess flight attendants get to hear a lot of different stories.

I had never flown west in the day light, so was pleased when John pointed out of the window at the scenery below. Snow capped mountains, what beauty.

I am guessing we were crossing the Rockies.

We arrived at San Francisco, and had a relaxing time there. We didn’t have to go through security, and we could just leisurely walk around, shop, and have a bite to eat. One purchase made, two pillows for the LONG journey ahead, which turned out to be the best $20 spent ever.

We had about 8 hours there, so we were glad to see our airplane that would take use our next destination: Auckland, New Zealand.

Our plane that would take us to Auckland.

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