Christmas 2012

After many days of preparations, early celebrations, Christmas Day with the family was finally here.

bah humbug

To honor my dad, and make him feel part of the day, I had put out his favorite Christmas greeting on a prominent place in the living room. 🙂
He liked to kid, but really, behind the scenes, he along with my mom, did a lot of work to make every single Christmas, MAGIC.

While we were still getting ready for the day, John got a chance to play with his new present from me, a Wacom tablet to use for his graphics work.

It’s proving to require a lot of time to practice and get used to it.

Mom cooked a fantastic turkey.

Every Christmas Day, no matter how cold it is outside, our home becomes a warm and cozy place. Actually too warm. Miranda was in charge of the window. (It doesn’t stay up on its own).

Our table was happy and perfect, as mom reaches to dig in the feast she prepared.

Miquel and Jenny arrive and mom admires Jenny’s hat.

John enjoys cookies as he watches Silas playing Angry Birds.

John and I pose with our new Christmas outfits.

The best Christmas ever, alongside my husband.


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