West Australian Reptile Park

In the middle of the afternoon, while out trying to photograph birds and not having a lot of luck, John suggested the West Australian Reptile Park. That sounded like a good suggestion to me, so off we went.

First to greet us after going through some talkative parrots, was this Sand Goanna

I’ve never met a lizard yet that didn’t seem to LOVE attention. This Lace Monitor was no exception. After this, he seemed to fall right to sleep.

A fellow showed us the Bobtail. Of course, I had already seen one my first visit, crossing the road 🙂

So the place advertises on their brochure that you can hold a ‘cuddly’ python. I wasn’t really expecting to do so! John insisted, and for this he is in my mom’s bad books at the moment. This is a carpet python, and I was most curious about it because we ran into one in the wild once.

This is a very nervous smile I have to admit. The snake was heavier than I expected and I was afraid it would fall off, I was reassured the snake wouldn’t. OOps for me not crediting John, obviously he took the photo!

Not John’s first time, he seemed more comfortable with the snake.

Almost snake whisperer like? 🙂

Not even nervous when the snake was doing that tongue thing.

But John had to admit he was a tad nervous when the snake got that close. I can’t blame the snake, I love to nuzzle that neck too. 🙂

The two fellas here demonstrate just how long the Carpet Python is.

A little smaller snake, the Stimson’s Python

Have you hugged your dingo today? I couldn’t help but capture this moment.

Dingos are VERY soft to touch I later found out, I got to pet one! I also learned that as much as they know about the dingo, there is more than a few things they are not sure about.

The dingo was real friendly with John, licking him.

Yet another friendly moment with the Dingo and his trainer. This guy tried to lecture us on the evils of women and the blessings of the snake, citing the garden of Eden.

It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. John sure knows how to show a gal a good time. 🙂



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