Our First Valentines Together

We’ve celebrated Valentines Day before, but never physically together. So this is a ‘big one’.

I’ve had my heart set on a photo of a wedding in the living room, so, we agreed that could be our Valentine.
Even so, I wanted to do something a little special for the evening and suggested San Churros. I thought he would LOVE them as they have cinnamon on them, and was frustrated that he didn’t try them at an international food vendor on Australia Day. I also suggested we avoid the crowds and go out the night before the ACTUAL Valentine’s Day.

Hoping everyone else didn’t have the same idea, we headed out to Hillary’s Boat Harbor.

Hillary’s Boat Harbor right after the sun went down, we got there a little too late.

This place just screamed Valentines Day to me…I guess because we associate the day with chocolate?

Even though we had THIS staring at us, we stuck with the plan and ordered churros.

John captures my anticipation.

Ok, a dulce de leche milkshake was added…

Dark and Milk chocolate dip. Now I noticed their churros didn’t have as much cinnamon as the ones in the USA do.

Perhaps we should have got churros for one, we had trouble finishing them.

We walked them off for a bit in a stroll around the harbor.

Neither of us brought our tripod but I couldn’t resist to ask John to mark the day in a photo, so John set up as best he could. The camera with the timer going on the wall and run over to me in 12 seconds. Well, we had to laugh at ourselves.

A quick, chocolate, Valentines kiss.


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