To the River

After our sunrise at Whiteman Park, John suggested we go to the river. So off we went.
I kept seeing something snake looking pop up out of the water and disappear quickly.

Because of its long and slender neck, the Australasian Darter is sometimes called the snakebird. Usually inhabiting freshwater wetlands, darters swim with their bodies submerged beneath the water’s surface, with only the sinuous neck protruding above the water, enhancing its serpentine qualities. Darters forage by diving to depths of about 60 centimetres, and impaling fish with its sharp, spear-like beak. Small fish are swallowed underwater, but larger ones are brought to the surface, where they are flicked off the bill (sometimes into the air) and then swallowed head-first.
Here it is drying its wings on the branch of a tree.

We also found some galahs at the side of the river.

More galahs near Bells Rapids…well they weren’t going so rapidly, but there was water.

Scarlett Perched dragonfly caught my eye.

A little Pied Cormorant

I’ve never been to the American Southwest, but somehow while we were there…

…that it would look a lot like this.

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